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1. Peening Technology
  Equipment (1.1)
    Controlled Rotary Flap Peening for Repair Applications Forgues, Sylvain; Labelle, Brigitte; King, Matt; Manor, Nick
  Techniques for process control (1.2)
    Fatigue life enhancement of welded structures using ultrasonic needle peening Desfontaine, Vincent; Chateau, Frederic; Briere, Olivier; Montherat, Philippe
    On the potential application of a numerical optimization of fatigue life with DoE and FEM Miao, Honyan; Levesque, Martin
  Sensors for process control (1.3)
    Implementation of velocity measurement as intensity verification in serial production Konitzer, Martin; Polanetzki, H.
  Process Development (1.4)
    Enhancement of high strength steel endurance, application to automotive transmission components using a new type of ceramic shot Abadie, F-Xavier; Marconi, G. Paolo; Morgano, Enrico
    Improvement of the Heat Checking Resistance of Casting Dies by Shot-Peening Oyama, Tadanobu; Kobayashi, Yuji; Kitagawa, Toshihiro; Yokoi, Noki; Hiraoka, Yasushi
    Integration of a deep rolling process in the heat treatment of SAE1045 Steel: a way to reduce and optimize the production chain. Cherif, Anis; Zinn, Wolfgang; Scholtes, Berthold
    Investigation for Different Peening Techniques on Residual Stress Field of SiCw/Al Composite Huang, Junjie; Jiang, Chuanhai; Chen, Xiaohu
    Manual shot peening intensity and coverage effects on fatigue performance of aluminum alloy Diep, H.; Bae, Heechang; Ramulu, M.
    Shot Peening Conditions and Processing Properities for Spring Steel Sumiyoshi, Isao; Tange, Akira; Okada, Hideki
2. Modeling
  Peening process simulation and modeling (2.1)
    3D FE analysis of shotpeening process for simulation and research on shotpeening process parameters Manouchehrifar, Afshin; Rezvani, Kamal
    A comprehensive stream analysis and a numerical simulation of shot peening for the prediction of corresponding products Mylonas, Georgios; Labeas, G.N.
    Effect of shot peening on surface texture and surface integrity Tosha, Katsuji
    Effect of SMAT parameters on microstructural features using DOE technique Chemkhi, Mahdi; Retraint, Delphine; Montay, Guillaume; Garnier, C.; Belahcene, F.
    Fatigue analysis of shot peened smooth and notched steel specimens Bagherifard, Sara; Fernandez Pariente, I.; Guagliano, M.; Bandini, M.
    Impact velocity and distribution in ultrasonic shot peening Badreddine, Jawad; Micoulaut, Matthieu; Rouhaud, Emmanuelle; Retraint, Delphine; Francois, Manuel; Remy, S.
    Modeling of Shot Peening Residual Stresses with a Generalized J2 Plasticity Theory Davis, Julio; Ramulu, M.
    Modified symmetry cell approach for simulation of surface enhancement over large scale structures Spradlin, Thomas J.; Grandhi, Ramana; Langer, Kristina
    Numerical analysis of shot peening effects on the fatigue life of a titanium alloy Bae, Heechang; Ramulu, M.; Flinn, B.; Diep, Hali
  Residual stress and other process effects modeling (2.2)
    Application of the FEM for the prediction of the Micro-region Stress of TiB2/Al Composite Huang, Junjie; bian, Kai; Jiang, Chuanhai; Wang, Qi
    Effect of injection pressure and size of nozzle throat of a cavitating jet on cavitation peening Soyama, Hitoshi; Takakuwa, Osamu; Naito, A.
    Shot Peening Optimization using the Discrete Element Method Murugaratnam, K.; Utili, S.
3. Residual Stress Measurement
  X-Ray Stress methods (3.1)
    XRD investigation of thermal relaxation behavior of microstructure in TiB2/Al deformation layer introduced by shot peening Luan, Weizhi; Jianga, Chuanhai; Chen, Xiaohu
  Other Stress methods (3.3)
    Residual stress measurement in carbonitrided shot-peened steel using the incremental groove machining coupled with speckle pattern interferometry Van Wijk, Song; Francois, Manuel; Frabolot, Marc; Sura, Edoardo; Ghodhbani, N.
  Intensity effects on residual stress (3.4)
    Influences of mechanical properties and retained austenite content on shot-peening characteristics Tsuji, Toshiya; Ishikura, Ryohei; Kobayashi, Yuji; Inoue, Keisuke
    Theoretical And Experimental Study Of Coverage In Manual Shot Peening Davis, Julio; Bae, Heechang; Ramulu, Mamidala
5. Fatigue, failures and remedies
  Ferrous Metals (5.1)
    Application of UNSM (ultrasonic nano crystal surface modification) technology for prolonging the service life of AISI 1045 shear pin in the flange yoke assembly of stainless hot rolling mill Pyoun, Young Sik; Cho, I.H.; Suh, C.M.; Park, Jin; Rogers, Josh; Kayumov, Ravil
    Effects of Shot Peening on High Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Powder Metallurgy and Conventional forms of a Medium Carbon Steel Mirzazadeh, Mohammad Mahdi
    Influence of shot peening on fatigue durability of decarburized spring steels Dalaei, Kamellia; Hoijer, J.; Akerstrom, G.; Karlsson, B.
    Residual Stress Enhancement of X-2M Foreign Object Damage Tolerance VanDalen, John E.; Hopkins, Marc E.; Hill, Michael R.
    The prediction of fatigue strength for shot-peened materials by fracture mechanics Tange, Akira
  Other metals (5.2)
    Effects of the surface treatment on the measured diffraction peak width of Inconel 718 Hoffmeister, Juergen; Schulze, Volker; Hessert, Roland; Koenig, Gerhard
    Enhanced mechanical characteristics of metal alloys by the ultrasonic nanocrystal surface modification Pyun, Young Sik; Suh,C.M.; Cho. I.H.; Kim, J.H.; Amanov, A.
    Influence of mechanical surface strengthening on nickel-base superalloy DA718 Ehrl, Janne; Polanetzki, Holger; Hessert, R.; Wagner, Lothar
    Reliability evaluation of shot peened Al7075-T6 specimen for aircraft components by accelerated life test Kim, Jong-Cheon; Nam, Ji-Hun; Kang, Min-Woo; Cheong, S.K.
    Residual stress relaxation induced by shot peening in Inconel 718 under quasi-static and cyclic loading Hoffmeister, Juergen; Schulze, Volker; Hessert, Roland; Koenig, Gerhard
  Nano materials (5.3)
    Application of Ultrasonic Nanocrystalline Surface Modification technology for prolonging the service life of double row angular contact bearings and for reducing friction loss Cho, I.H.; Amanov, A.; Cho, I.S.; Pyun, Y.S.
    Fabrication and characterization of bulk nanocrystalline layer on the aluminum 6061 surface by shot peening (SP) Waikar, R.; Guo, Yuebin
    Numerical model of severe shot peening aimed to estimate surface nanocrystallization of Al material Bagherifard, S.; Ghelichi, R.; Guagliano, M.
6. Corrosion
  Peening and general corrosion effects (6.1)
    Influence of work hardening and residual stress induced by shot peening on pitting strength Ishikura, Ryohei; Inoue, Keisuke; Kobayashi, Yuji; Tsuji, Toshiya
  Peening for stress corrosion resistance (6.2)
    Development of rework procedure for AA7076-T6 P-3/C-130 propeller taper bore using low plasticity burnishing (LPB) Hornbach, Doug; Scheel, Jeremy; Prevey, Paul
    Effects of shot peening treatments on corrosion fatigue of cast or wrought Al-base alloys Timmermann, Klaus; Zinn, Wolfgang; Scholtes, Berthold
    Mitigation of stress corrosion cracking using an engineered residual stress solution Scheel, Jeremy; Hornbach, Doug; Prevey, Paul
7. Stress Relaxation Effects
  Tempurature (7.2)
    Influence of Isothermal Annealing on Stress Relaxation of Shot Peened SiCw/Al Composite Huang, Junjie; Jiang, Chuanhai; Wang, Qi
8. Special Applications
  Roller burnishing (8.1)
    Effect of coverage in ball-burnishing on fatigue performance of Al2024-T4 Mhaede, Mansour; Wagner, L.
    Effects of severe plastic bulk and surface deformations on fatigue performance of Cp-Cu Sin, H.; Janecek, M.; Wagner, Lothar
    Fatigue Performance of Al7075-T73 and Ti-6Al-4V: Comparing Results after Shot Peening, Laser Shock Peening and Ball-Burnishing Mhaede, Mansour; Sano, Y.; Altenberger, I.; Wagner, L.
    Influence of different surface enhancement processes on mechanical properties of the titanium alloy Ti6246 Polanetzki, Holger; Ehrl, Janne; Wagner, Lothar; Stoll, Inga
    Shot peening and ball-burnishing to improve HCF strength of the new titanium alloy TIMETAL-54M Zay, K.; Kosaka, Y.; Wagner, L.
  Fine particle peening (8.2)
    Effect of heat treatment on friction properties of functional graded materials fabricated by fine particle peening Ando, Masafumi; Usami, Hatsuhiko
    The effect of fine particle shot peening on the rolling contact fatigue strength Kobayashi, Yuji; Daisuke, Gowa; Seki, Masanori; Lei, Wang
  Laser shock peening (8.3)
    Compressive Residual Stress Optimization in Laser Peening of a Curved Geometry Vasu, Anoop; Grandhi, Ramana V.
    Effects of laser peening on fatigue life in an arrestment hook shank application for naval aircraft Leap, M.J.; Rankin, J.; Harrison, J.; Hackel, L.; Nemeth, J.; Candela, J.
    Experimental Investigation on the Bending Deformation of thin 1060 Pure Aluminum Sheet by Laser Peen Forming Hu, Yongxiang; Yao, Zhenqiang; Xu, Xiaoxia
    Influence of laser peening (LP) and shot peening (SP) on fretting fatigue life under spherical contact Valeo, J. Vázquez; Thieuleux, Jean-Yves; Pintado, C. Navarro; Abascal, J. Dominguez
    Laser Peening for Prevention of Fatique Failures Lahrman, David; Gaydos, Peter
    Predictive self-closed modeling of laser shock peening and parametric study Cao, Yunfeng; Shin, Yung C.
  Ultrasonic activated peening (8.4)
    The effect of Frozen Ultrasonic Shot Peening Treatment on two way characteristic at Shape Memory Alloy Watanabe, Yoshihiro; Hattori, Kanehisa; Handa, Mitsuru; Yoshimi, Yukiharu; Ikeda, Tadashige; Fujii, E.
    The effects of ulrasonic-aided deep rolling process on fatigue performance of 30CrMnSiNi2A steel Xie, Jun Feng; Zhu, You Li; Huang, Yuan Lin
    Ultrasonic Shot Peening (USP) for Ti-6Al-4V and Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-6Mo aero engine components Stoll, Inga; Helm, Dietmar
  Peen forming and straightening (8.6)
    The method of corrective shot peening: how to correct the distortion on the machined parts Munthe, Sutarno; Munthe Maris
  Peening of medical implants (8.7)
    Decreased Bacteria Functions on Shot Peened Titanium Gorth, D.; Webster, Tom; Derda, Jeff; Champaigne, Jack
  Other residual stress inducement/improvement methods (8.8)
    Effects of fluid condition and material on surface damage in ultrasonic wet peening Kienzler, A.; Weingaertner, Regina; Hoffmeister, J.; Schulze, V.
    Increasing of the contact fatigue strength by nitriding and shot-peening treatment Nakonieczny, Aleksander; Monka, Grzegorz
9. Case Studies
  Fatigue life/load bearing capability improvements from peening (9.1)
    Influence of shot peening and superfinishing on gears as a repair tool of damaged faces of teeth generated by overheating when grinding. Kritzler, J
  Peening process optimization (9.3)
    On the potential application of a numerical optimization of fatigue life with DoE and FEM Miao, Honyan; Levesque, Martin
    Peening process characterization and optimization Young, Kevin
  Review and history (9.4)
    Comparing fatigue notch sensitivities of various alloys before and after mechanical surface treating Wollmann, M.; Atoura, J.; Wagner, L.
    The recent developments of shot peening in China Xu, Kewei; Jiang, Chuanhai; Wang, Renzhi
10. Tribology
  Friction (10.1)
    Shot Peening - A Tribological Approach Lu, Xiaobin
    The effect of shot peening on tribological behavior of alloyed steels Babic, M.; Mitrovic, S.; Adamovic, D.; Dzunic, D.
  Fatigue wear (10.2)
    Adaptation of Shot Peen Parameters for Gear Geometry Breuer, David; Matlock, Beth
11. Posters
  Poster Titles (11)
    A 3D FE Model with Plastic Shots for Evaluation of Residual Stress under Oblique Shot Peening in AISI4340 Steel Kim, Taehyung; Hyun, Hong Chul; Kim, Minsoo; Lee, Hyungyil
    A new sub-size strip for intensity determination in difficult locations Derda, Jeff
    Almen Strip saturation and coverage, which happens first? Derda, Jeff
    Application of micro-peening to aluminum alloy with a small u-notch for improving fatigue life Lee, Yonsung; Kim, Taehyung; Cheong, Seong Kyun
    Application of UNSM (ultrasonic nanocrystal surface modification) technology for increasing fatigue strength of Ti6Al4V ELI spine rod and for decreasing 15% of the spine rod diameter Pyoun, Y.S.; Suh, C.M.; Cho, I.H.; Lee, K.Y.; Ahn, S.Y; Cherif, A; Scholtes, B.; Kayumov, R.
    Application of UNSM (Ultrasonic Nanocrystal Surface Modification) technology for prolonging the service life of journal bearing of railroad axle and for reducing friction loss Amanov, Auezhan; Cho, In Ho; Kim, Joon Hyong; Pyun, Young Sik
    Comparison of the different stress distributions by stress rolling of spring steel Muller, Eckehard; Bochum, Hochschule
    Composites & the future of shot peening Balan, Kumar
    Considering environmental and mean stress effects in understanding HCF performance of mechanically surface treated metallic materials Zay, K.; Wollmann, M.; Wagner, L.; Mhaede. M
    Effect of austenite stability on phase transformation and fatigue performance of stainless steels after various mechanical surface treatments Wollmann, M.; Mhaede, M.; Wagner, L.
    Effect of shot peening on the fatigue life of welded aluminum alloy. Cheong, S.K.; Lee, D.S.
    Linear Motion Peening Bailey, Pete; Ruehl, C
    Performance testing of Almen strips to demonstrate consistency Derda, Jeff
    Prediction of Peening Residual Stress Using a 3D FE Model under Multi-shot Oblique Impacts Kim, Taehyung; Hyun, Hong Chul; Kim, Minsoo; Lee, Hyungyil
    Ratio of various thickness Almen strip arc heights Derda, Jeff
    Stress distribution in alpha and beta phases of mechanically surface treated TIMETAL LCB determined by energy-dispersive X-ray diffraction Maawad, Emad; Brokmeier, H.G.; Wagner, L.; Genzel, Ch.
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