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Program Schedule: Wednesday, September 14


Please note: Sessions and times are subject to change.

Concurrent Sessions
8:30 - 10:00    Session 5
Bendix Theater - session 5A
Moderators: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Lothar Wagner / Prof Yung Shin
Shot Peening Conditions and Processing Properities for Spring Steel
(Doc: 008 | Topic: 1.4)
Presenter: Isao Sumiyoshi, NHK Spring Co. Ltd., Japan
Authors: Sumiyoshi, Isao; Tange, Akira; Okada, Hideki
Integration of a deep rolling process in the heat treatment of SAE1045 Steel: a way to reduce and optimize the production chain.
(Doc: 009 | Topic: 1.4)
Presenter: Wolfgang Zinn, University of Kassel, Germany
Authors: Cherif, Anis; Zinn, Wolfgang; Scholtes, Berthold
Enhancement of high strength steel endurance, application to automotive transmission components using a new type of ceramic shot
(Doc: 014 | Topic: 1.4)
Presenter: F-Xavier Abadie, Saint-Gobain Zirpro, France
Authors: Abadie, F-Xavier; Marconi, G. Paolo; Morgano, Enrico
Manual shot peening intensity and coverage effects on fatigue performance of aluminum alloy
(Doc: 101 | Topic: 1.4)
Presenter: Heechang Bae, University of Washington, USA
Authors: Diep, H.; Bae, Heechang; Ramulu, M.
Recital Hall - session 5B
Moderators: Dr. Steven R. Schmid / Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Eckehard Müller
XRD investigation of thermal relaxation behavior of microstructure in TiB2/Al deformation layer introduced by shot peening
(Doc: 033 | Topic: 3.1)
Presenter: Chuanhai Jiang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, P.R. China
Authors: Luan, Weizhi; Jianga, Chuanhai; Chen, Xiaohu
Residual stress measurement in carbonitrided shot-peened steel using the incremental groove machining coupled with speckle pattern interferometry
(Doc: 099 | Topic: 3.3)
Presenter: Song Van Wijk, University of Tech. of Troyes, France
Authors: Van Wijk, Song; Francois, Manuel; Frabolot, Marc; Sura, Edoardo; Ghodhbani, N.
Influences of mechanical properties and retained austenite content on shot-peening characteristics
(Doc: 035 | Topic: 3.4)
Presenter: Toshiya Tsuji, Sintokogio, Ltd, Japan
Authors: Tsuji, Toshiya; Ishikura, Ryohei; Kobayashi, Yuji; Inoue, Keisuke
Theoretical And Experimental Study Of Coverage In Manual Shot Peening
(Doc: 036 | Topic: 3.4)
Presenter: Julio Davis, University of Washington, USA
Authors: Davis, Julio; Bae, Heechang; Ramulu, Mamidala
10:00 - 10:30 Break & Exhibition (Discovery Ballroom)
10:30 - 12:00    Session 6
Bendix Theater - session 6A
Moderators: Prof Alten F. (Skip) Grandt / Dr. Seong Kyun Cheong
Modified symmetry cell approach for simulation of surface enhancement over large scale structures
(Doc: 028 | Topic: 2.1)
Presenter: Thomas J. Spradlin, Wright State University, USA
Authors: Spradlin, Thomas J.; Grandhi, Ramana; Langer, Kristina
Effect of injection pressure and size of nozzle throat of a cavitating jet on cavitation peening
(Doc: 030 | Topic: 2.2)
Presenter: Hitoshi Soyama, Tohoku University, Japan
Authors: Soyama, Hitoshi; Takakuwa, Osamu; Naito, A.
Impact velocity and distribution in ultrasonic shot peening
(Doc: 020 | Topic: 2.1)
Presenter: Jawad Badreddine, University of Technology of Troyes, France
Authors: Badreddine, Jawad; Micoulaut, Matthieu; Rouhaud, Emmanuelle; Retraint, Delphine; Francois, Manuel; Remy, S.
Modeling of Shot Peening Residual Stresses with a Generalized J2 Plasticity Theory
(Doc: 021 | Topic: 2.1)
Presenter: Julio Davis, University of Washington, USA
Authors: Davis, Julio; Ramulu, M.
Recital Hall - session 6B
Moderators: Dr. Marsha Tufft / Dr. Yoshihiro Watanabe
Ultrasonic Shot Peening (USP) for Ti-6Al-4V and Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-6Mo aero engine components
(Doc: 071 | Topic: 8.4)
Presenter: Holger Polanetzki, MTU Aero Engines, Germany
Authors: Stoll, Inga; Helm, Dietmar
Effect of coverage in ball-burnishing on fatigue performance of Al2024-T4
(Doc: 063 | Topic: 8.1)
Presenter: Lothar Wagner, Clausthal University of Technology, Germany
Authors: Mhaede, Mansour; Wagner, L.
Effect of heat treatment on friction properties of functional graded materials fabricated by fine particle peening
(Doc: 065 | Topic: 8.2)
Presenter: Masafumi Ando, IKK SHOT Co., Ltd
Authors: Ando, Masafumi; Usami, Hatsuhiko
The effect of fine particle shot peening on the rolling contact fatigue strength
(Doc: 066 | Topic: 8.2)
Presenter: Yuji Kobayashi, Sintokogio, Ltd, Japan
Authors: Kobayashi, Yuji; Daisuke, Gowa; Seki, Masanori; Lei, Wang
12:00 - 1:30 Lunch (Discovery Ballroom)
1:30 - 3:00    Session 7
Bendix Theater - session 7A
Moderators: Hali Diep / Hitoshi Takeda
Numerical model of severe shot peening aimed to estimate surface nanocrystallization of Al material
(Doc: 050 | Topic: 5.3)
Presenter: Mario Guagliano, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Authors: Bagherifard, S.; Ghelichi, R.; Guagliano, M.
Shot Peening - A Tribological Approach
(Doc: 084 | Topic: 10.1)
Presenter: Xiaobin Lu, Varel International, USA
Authors: Lu, Xiaobin
Adaptation of Shot Peen Parameters for Gear Geometry
(Doc: 085 | Topic: 10.2)
Presenter: David Breuer, Metal Improvement, USA
Authors: Breuer, David; Matlock, Beth
Effects of shot peening treatments on corrosion fatigue of cast or wrought Al-base alloys
(Doc: 045 | Topic: 6.2)
Presenter: Klaus Timmermann, University of Kassel, Germany
Authors: Timmermann, Klaus; Zinn, Wolfgang; Scholtes, Berthold
Recital Hall - session 7B
Moderators: Prof. Aleksander Nakonieczny / Prof Yung Shin
Predictive self-closed modeling of laser shock peening and parametric study
(Doc: 067 | Topic: 8.3)
Presenter: Yunfeng Cao, Purdue University, USA
Authors: Cao, Yunfeng; Shin, Yung C.
Effects of laser peening on fatigue life in an arrestment hook shank application for naval aircraft
(Doc: 069 | Topic: 8.3)
Presenter: James Harrison, Metal Improvement Co., USA
Authors: Leap, M.J.; Rankin, J.; Harrison, J.; Hackel, L.; Nemeth, J.; Candela, J.
Influence of laser peening (LP) and shot peening (SP) on fretting fatigue life under spherical contact
(Doc: 098 | Topic: 8.3)
Presenter: Jean-Yves Thieuleux, Metal Improvement, France
Authors: Valeo, J. Vázquez; Thieuleux, Jean-Yves; Pintado, C. Navarro; Abascal, J. Dominguez
Effects of fluid condition and material on surface damage in ultrasonic wet peening
(Doc: 077 | Topic: 8.8)
Presenter: Regina Weingaertner, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Authors: Kienzler, A.; Weingaertner, Regina; Hoffmeister, J.; Schulze, V.
3:00 - 3:30 Break & Exhibition (Discovery Ballroom)
3:30 - 5:00    Session 8
Bendix Theater - session 8A
Moderators: Dr. Yoshihiro Watanabe / Prof. Katsuji Tosha
Application of UNSM (ultrasonic nano crystal surface modification) technology for prolonging the service life of AISI 1045 shear pin in the flange yoke assembly of stainless hot rolling mill
(Doc: 039 | Topic: 5.1)
Presenter: Ravil Kayumov, Sun Moon University
Authors: Pyoun, Young Sik; Cho, I.H.; Suh, C.M.; Park, Jin; Rogers, Josh; Kayumov, Ravil
Influence of shot peening on fatigue durability of decarburized spring steels
(Doc: 040 | Topic: 5.1)
Presenter: Kamellia Dalaei, Chalmers Univeristy of Technology, Sweden
Authors: Dalaei, Kamellia; Hoijer, J.; Akerstrom, G.; Karlsson, B.
The prediction of fatigue strength for shot-peened materials by fracture mechanics
(Doc: 042 | Topic: 5.1)
Presenter: Akira Tange, NHK Spring Co. Ltd, Japan
Authors: Tange, Akira
Reliability evaluation of shot peened Al7075-T6 specimen for aircraft components by accelerated life test
(Doc: 048 | Topic: 5.2)
Presenter: Jong-Cheon Kim, Seoul National University of Technology, Korea
Authors: Kim, Jong-Cheon; Nam, Ji-Hun; Kang, Min-Woo; Cheong, S.K.
Influence of Isothermal Annealing on Stress Relaxation of Shot Peened SiCw/Al Composite
(Doc: 056 | Topic: 7.2)
Presenter: Keynes Khu, Dafeng Daqi Metal Grinding Material Co. Ltd., China
Authors: Huang, Junjie; Jiang, Chuanhai; Wang, Qi
Recital Hall - session 8B
Moderators: Dr. Marsha Tufft / Dr. Steven R. Schmid
Influence of shot peening and superfinishing on gears as a repair tool of damaged faces of teeth generated by overheating when grinding.
(Doc: 078 | Topic: 9.1)
Presenter: Jurgen Kritzler, Metal Improvement, Germany
Authors: Kritzler, J
On the potential application of a numerical optimization of fatigue life with DoE and FEM
(Doc: 029 | Topic: 9.3)
Presenter: Honyan Miao, École Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada
Authors: Miao, Honyan; Levesque, Martin
Peening process characterization and optimization
(Doc: 079 | Topic: 9.3)
Presenter: Kevin Young, Progressive Surface, USA
Authors: Young, Kevin
The recent developments of shot peening in China
(Doc: 080 | Topic: 9.4)
Presenter: Chuanhai Jiang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, P.R. China
Authors: Xu, Kewei; Jiang, Chuanhai; Wang, Renzhi
Comparing fatigue notch sensitivities of various alloys before and after mechanical surface treating
(Doc: 081 | Topic: 9.4)
Presenter: Lothar Wagner, Clausthal University of Technology, Germany
Authors: Wollmann, M.; Atoura, J.; Wagner, L.
3:30 - 6:00 Exhibitor take down
6:00 - 7:00 Reception on the Island
7:00 - 9:00 Dinner (An American Picnic) on the Island