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Program Schedule: Thursday, September 15


Please note: Sessions and times are subject to change.

Concurrent Sessions
8:30 - 10:00    Session 9
Bendix Theater - session 9A
Moderators: Hali Diep / Hong Yan Miao
Improvement of the Heat Checking Resistance of Casting Dies by Shot-Peening
(Doc: 012 | Topic: 1.4)
Presenter: Tadanobu Oyama, Sintokogio, Ltd
Authors: Oyama, Tadanobu; Kobayashi, Yuji; Kitagawa, Toshihiro; Yokoi, Noki; Hiraoka, Yasushi
Fatigue life enhancement of welded structures using ultrasonic needle peening
(Doc: 073 | Topic: 1.2)
Presenter: Frederic Chateau, Sonats, France
Authors: Desfontaine, Vincent; Chateau, Frederic; Briere, Olivier; Montherat, Philippe
Numerical analysis of shot peening effects on the fatigue life of a titanium alloy
(Doc: 102 | Topic: 2.1)
Presenter: Heechang Bae, University of Washington, USA
Authors: Bae, Heechang; Ramulu, M.; Flinn, B.; Diep, Hali
Implementation of velocity measurement as intensity verification in serial production
(Doc: 103 | Topic: 1.3)
Presenter: Martin Konitzer, MTU Aero Engines, Germany
Authors: Konitzer, Martin; Polanetzki, H.
Recital Hall - session B

(Doc: | Topic: )
Presenter: ,
10:00 - 10:30 Break (Discovery Ballroom)
10:30 - 12:00    Session 10
Bendix Theater - session 10A
Moderators: Paul Prevey / Dr. John Cammett
Application of the FEM for the prediction of the Micro-region Stress of TiB2/Al Composite
(Doc: 031 | Topic: 2.2)
Presenter: Hanqin Xu, Dafeng Daqi Metal Grinding Material Co. Ltd., China
Authors: Huang, Junjie; bian, Kai; Jiang, Chuanhai; Wang, Qi
Effect of SMAT parameters on microstructural features using DOE technique
(Doc: 072 | Topic: 2.1)
Presenter: Mahdi Chemkhi, University of Tech. of Troyes, France
Authors: Chemkhi, Mahdi; Retraint, Delphine; Montay, Guillaume; Garnier, C.; Belahcene, F.
Shot Peening Optimization using the Discrete Element Method
(Doc: 108 | Topic: 2.2)
Presenter: Kovthaman Murugaratnam, University of Oxford
Authors: Murugaratnam, K.; Utili, S.
Laser Peening for Prevention of Fatique Failures
(Doc: 070 | Topic: 8.3)
Presenter: David Lahrman, LSP Technologies, Inc., USA
Authors: Lahrman, David; Gaydos, Peter
Recital Hall - session B

(Doc: | Topic: )
Presenter: ,
11:50 Closing Ceremonies - Pass Gavel to next Conference
12:00 - 1:30 Lunch (Discovery Ballroom)
1:30 Tour buses depart