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Papers presented at ICSP-12 in Goslar, Germany in 2014
The articles below are archived in the shotpeener.com LIBRARY.
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Total articles: 97
TitleAuthorDoc No.
History of Shot Peening in Germany H. Wohlfahrt 2014043
Mechanical Surface Treatments A. Klumpp, J. Hoffmeister and V. Schulze 2014044
Fatigue Strength of a Low-Alloy Steel Shot Peened with Ultra Fine S. Bagherifard, M. Bandini, M. Guagliano, C. Morel, J. Samuel 2014045
Investigation on the Mechanisms Improving Fatigue Strength in R. Weingartner, J. Hoffmeister and V. Schulze 2014046
Characterising the impact of surface integrity on the fatigue behaiour of a shot-peened connecting rod B. Gerin, E. Pessard, F. Morel and C. Verdu 2014047
Investigation of Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior on the Shot Peened Carbon Steel by Residual Stress Relaxation J.-C. Kim, S.-K. Cheong and H. Noguchi 2014048
Looking for the Optimal Shot Peening Treatment on Quenched and Tempered Steels with Different Hardness Levels V. Llaneza and F. J. Belzunce 2014049
Improvement of Threshold Stress Intensity Factor Range of Stainless Steel by Cavitation Peening H. Soyama 2014050
The Influence of Shot Peening on the Fatigue Behavior of Gray Cast Iron and Ductile Iron M. Wollmann, S. Koda, L Wagner 2014051
Influence of shot peening on the rolling contact fatigue resistance of Cu-Ni austempered ductile iron A. Zammit, S. Abela, R. Michalczewski, M. Kalbarczyk, L. Wagner, M. Mhaede, R. Wan, M. Grech 2014052
Fatigue strength of shot peened compacted graphite iron R. . Peng, T. Vuoristo, D. Backstrom , M. Ahmad, M. Lundberg, S. Johansson 2014053
Influence of severe shot peening on high and ultra-high cycle fatigue life of 50CrMo4 steel L. Trsko, M. Guagliano, O. Bokuvka, F. Novy, M. Bandini 2014054
Effect of FIB-processed sharp flaw on fatigue limit of shot peened medium carbon steel J. Sakamoto, Y.S. Lee, S.K. Cheong 2014055
Effects of Zirconia Shot Peening on High Cycle Fatigue Properties of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy K. Masaki, N. Hisamori, Y. Kobayashi and D. Gowa 2014056
HCF Performance of the Shot Peened Ti-6246- Effects of Test Temperature S. Yang, L. Wagner and M. Wollmann 2014057
Shot Peening and Ball-Burnishing effect in TIMETAL (Ti-54M) H. Alkhazraji, M. Mhaede, M. Wollmann, L. Wagner 2014058
Fatigue Performance of Shot Peened Cp-Ti: Effect of Prior Severe Plastic Deformation C. Teichmann, B. Eigenmann, M. Mhaede and L. Wagner 2014059
Shot Peening and Ball-Burnishing Effects in cp-Ti H. Alkhazraji, M. Mhaede, M. Wollmann and L. Wagner 2014060
Influence of Shot Peening on the Fatigue Resistance of Sulfuric Anodized AA 7175-T74 H.J. C. Voorwald, T. A. Minto, M. Y. Pitanga, M. C. Fonseca 2014061
Behavior of the Rate of Fatigue Crack Propagation after Shot Peening in Aluminum Alloy 2024 T3 D.H.S. Costa, M.A.S. Torres and C.A.R.P. Baptista 2014062
Fatigue and Damping Behavior of PM Produced Aluminum Matrix Composites after Shot Peening A. Kasakewitsch, C. Teichmann and W. Riehemann 2014063
Effects of Ultrafine Particle Peening on Fatigue Properties of ASTM 5056 Aluminum Alloy S. Kikuchi, Y. Nakamura, K. Nambu and M. Ando 2014064
Effects of Shot peening and Ball-burnishing on the Fatigue Performance of Al 6082 M. Abdulstaar, M. Mhaede, M. Wollmann, L. Wagner 2014065
The Effect of Shot Peening on Fatigue Performance of Anodised Aluminium 7010T7651 P.E.Edwards 2014066
Enhancement of Fatigue Performance of Commercially Pure Aluminum 1050 by Shot Peening and Ball-Burnishing M. Abdulstaar, M. Mhaede, M. Wollmann, L. Wagner 2014067
Mechanical Surface Treatments to Improve Fatigue Performance of cp-Cu M. Gholami, I. Altenberger and L. Wagner 2014068
Improvement of the Welding Joints and Components by Shot Peeing for IIW I. HUTHER, E. DANIEL 2014069
Influence of Shot-Peening on fatigue behavior Orbital Friction Welded Titanium Joints U. Raab C. Becker, L. Wagner 2014070
Influence of the deformation intensity of different mechanical surface treatments on the fatigue strength T. Nitschke-Pagel, K. Dilger and H. Eslami-Chalandar 2014071
Mechanical treatment of welded and brazed joints V. Wesling, A. Schram, K. Treutler 2014072
Assessment of Field Surface Treatments for Prolonging the Life of Steel Welded Joints Subjected to Fatigue Loading M. Van Sickle and M. Ramulu 2014073
Fatigue justification for straightening parts with Flap Peening S. E.D. Ramati 2014074
Effects of conventional shot peening and surface mechanical attrition treatment on the mechanical properties of a Titanium alloy D. Gallitelli, D. Retraint, E. Rouhaud 2014075
Effect of swaging and mechanical surface treatments on the mechanical properties of the spray-formed ultra high strength copper alloy CuMn20Ni20 I. Altenberger, M. Mhaede, H.-A. Kuhn, Y. Sano, L. Wagner 2014076
Surface Treatments to Improve Fatigue Performance of Age-hardenable CuNi3Si1 Mg M.Gholami, I. Altenberger, M. Mhaede, Y. Sano and L. Wagner 2014077
Comparison of Water Jet Peening and Laser Shock Peening with Shot Peening for the improvement of fatigue properties of casehardened steel gears J. Epp and H.-W. Zoch 2014078
Laser Peening for Improved Fatigue Strength and Lifetimeof a Wing Attachment Shear-Tie L. Hackel, T. Heidenberger, J. Rankin, Jack Campbell, and Tom Mills 2014079
Laser Peening vs. Shot Peening: engineering of residual stresses, surface roughness and cold working 0. Higounenc 2014080
Microstructural analysis of shot and laser shock peened grey iron for increased fatigue strength S. Slawik, P. Leibenguth, D. Rathmann, C. Gachot and F. Mücklich 2014081
AE monitoring in water during laser shock peening process T. Takata, M. Enoki, A. Matsui, Y. Kobayashi 2014082
Evaluation of shot peening impact force by AE method S. lkeda ,Y. Kobayashi, A. Matsui 2014083
Residual stress measurements in laser shock processed materials P.Muñoz, J. Ruiz-Hervias, J.A. Porro and J.L. Ocaña 2014084
Residual stress relaxation induced by shot peening in different materials after quasi-static loading J. Hoffmeister,V. Schulze 2014085
Effects of Various Shot Peening Parameters on the Distribution of Residual Stresses and Microstructures of an 18CrNiMo7-6 Steel F. Peng, J. Chuanhai, C. Xiaohu 2014086
Microstructure Changes and Stress Relaxation of 18CrNiMo7-6 Steel after Triple Shot Peening During Isothermal Annealing F. Peng, J. Chuanhai, C. Xiaohu 2014087
Recovery and Recrystallization of Surface Deformation Layer of 18CrNiMo7-6 Steel after Shot Peening during Isothermal Annealing F. Peng, J. Chuanhai, W.Qi, H.Jun 2014088
X-ray Diffraction Rietveld Analysis of Shot-peened Duplex Stainless Steel during Isothermal Annealing F. Qiang, J. Chuanhai, W. Qi, H. Jun 2014089
Influence of Shot Peening Coverage on Residual stresses Induced in Aluminum Alloy 7050-T745 H. Bae, H. Diep and M. Ramulu 2014090
Evaluation of Shot Peened Aluminum by Doppler Broadening of Positron Annihilation Radiation Technique K. Ono, Y. Koiso, K. Oguri, Y. Watanabe, K. Hattori 2014091
Novel System for Potential Non-destructive Material Inspection Using Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy on Shot Peened parts Y. Watanabe, K. Hattori, M. Yamawaki, Y. Kobayashi,and K. lto 2014092
Effect of Shot Peening Intensity on Residual Stress Field of 7075 Auminium Alloy C. XiuQuan, S. XiangFei, X. QinXiang and W. Jing 2014093
Residual Stress Measurement Correction on Shot Peened AA2024 by Finite Element Analysis R. Lebon, D. Delbergue, H.Y. Miao, M. Lévesque and P. Bocher 2014094
A Three-dimensional Single and Multiple Shot Simulation of Shot Peening for Steel, Aluminum and Titanium Alloys N. Kulkarni, H. Bae and M. Ramulu 2014095
Numerical Studies of Shot Peening of High Strength Steels and the related Experimental Investigations by means of Hole Drilling, X-ray and Synchrotron Diffraction Analysis M. Farajian, V. Hardenacke, M. Klaus, F. Schweizer, W. Pfeiffer, D. Siegele 2014096
Finite Element Simulation of Shot Peening on Spring Steel Wire U. Kletzin 2014097
An analytical approach to relate shot peen forming parameters to resulting curvature with expanding cavity model X.D. Xiao, Y.J. Wang, G.Q. Gao, J.B. Wang, S.M. Wei 2014098
Prediction of shot peen forming through direct finite element simulation H.Y. Miao, A. Gariépy, A. Levers and M. Lévesque 2014099
Finite element simulation on shot peen forming the wing panel of commercial aircraft C919 Y.J. Wang, X.D. Xiao, J.B. Wang, W. Zhang, M.J. Qiao 2014100
Evaluation of the Effects in Fine Particle Peening on Surface Modification K. Nambu, Y. Shimizu 2014101
Numerical Simulation of Micropeening of quenched and tempered AISI 4140 A. Erz, A. Klumpp, J. Hoffmeister, V. Schulze 2014102
Simulation of the High Frequency Hammer Peening Process for Improving the Fatigue Performance of Welded Joints V. Hardenacke, M. Farajian, D. Siegele 2014103
From process parameters to residual stress field: complete ultrasonic shot peening simulation D. Gallitelli, E. Rouhaud, D. Retraint, J. Badreddine, C. Labergere, M. Francois 2014104
A model for ultrasonic shot peening: optimization of chamber design in an industrial context J. Badreddine, M. Micoulaut, S. Remy, E. Rouhaud, P. Renaud, F. Chateau, V. Desfontaine 2014105
Effect of Friction Coefficient on Finite Element Modeling of the Deep Cold Rolling Process A. Lim, S. Castagne, C.C. Wong 2014106
Deep rolling of bore holes with a diameter of 3 mm with a hydrostatic tool K. Röttger, S. Fricke 2014107
Deep Rolling at Lower and Elevated Temperatures - Effects and Consequences on Fatigue Behavior A. Cherif, I. Nikitin, P. Juijerm, W. Zinn, B. Scholtes 2014108
Deep Cold Rolling of Almen Strips for Process Monitoring G. G. Feldmann, E. Mueller 2014109
Mini-strips for Limited Access Peening Intensity Measurements J. Champaigne, J. Derda 2014110
Measuring Intensity in Small Areas with Complex Geometry using Mini Almen Strips K. McClurg and R. Buckner 2014111
The Saturation Point in accordance to the current SAE J443 - No problem for former processes? J.P. Fuhr, R. Fiebach, N. Stöcklein 2014112
The Optimization of Shot Peening Parameters in AISl403 Stainless Steel L. Ye, Q. Huang, E.W. Qin, G. X. Chen, Z. M. Tan, S. H. Wu 2014113
Low velocity shot peening condition with using high hardness CCW N. Tanuma, Y. Kobayashi, D. Gowa 2014114
Recent Investigations on Shot Peen Forming of GLARE Sheets and Rotary Peen Forming C. Russig, M. Gottschalk, M. Bambach and G. Hirt 2014115
Investigation on pre-stress shot peen forming process of aluminum alloy 2024-T351 X.Huang, Y. Zeng 2014116
Experimental Investigation on Shot peen forming of 2198 Al-Li Alloy Plate B. Xuepiao, Z. Yuansong, M. Qiang, H. Enguang 2014117
Observation of Particle Behavior in Fine Particle Peening process Y. Aiba, K. Murai, M. Omiya and J. Komotori 2014118
Effect of shot particle conditions on the transfer of copper induced by fine particle peening Y.Kameyama, R.Takahashi, Y. Owaku, H. Sato, and R. Shimpo 2014119
Formation of Fe-Al lntermetallic Compound Film on Hot Work Tool Steel by Shot Lining and Heat Treatment Y. Harada, K. Takahashi and Y. Sakamoto 2014120
Shot Peening to Prevent Cracking in the Water Cooling Hole of Die-Casting Die Y. Kobayashi, A. Matsui 2014121
Shot peening effects on corrosion behavior of Hydroxyapatite coated AISI 316L Stainless steel alloy for medical implant application A. Ahmed, M. Mhaede, M. Wollmann, L. Wagner 2014122
Effect of Humidity on Fatigue Properties of Shot-Peened High Strength Al Alloy Q. Chen, N. Kawagoishi, K. Kariya, T. Nagano, Y. Kobayashi and T. Tsuji 2014123
Surface properties and corrosion behaviour of shot peened AZ31 Mg alloy F. Pastorek, M. Mhaede , B. Hadzima, M. Wollmann, L. Wagner 2014124
Corrosion Performance of the Shot-Peened High Strength Cu-alloy CuNi3SiMg in 0.1 M NaCl M. Gholami, F. Pastorek, M. Mhaede, M. Wollmann, B. Hadzima, I. Altenberger and L. Wagner 2014125
Investigations into the Transformation of Sigma Phase in Shot-peened Duplex Stainless Steel at Elevated Temperatures by Rietveld Method F. Qiang, J. Chuanhai, H. Pan 2014126
Shot peening of TWIP steel - influence on mechanical properties C. Teichmann and L. Wagner 2014127
Effects of Shot Peening on Surface Mechanical Properties of Duplex Stainless Steel F. Qiang, J. Chuanhai, H. PAN 2014128
Changes in surface layer after Piezo Peening of quenched and tempered AISI 4140 F. Lienert, J. Hoffmeister and V. Schulze 2014129
Influence of Piezo Peening on the Fatigue Strength of quenched and tempered AISI 4140 F. Lienert, J. Hoffmeister, A. Erz, V. Schulze 2014130
Machine hammer peening of austempered ductile iron: Microstructural investigation, surface roughness and mechanical properties J. Scheil, C. Müller, L. Ahmels 2014131
Increasing the flank load capacity by combination of shot peening and superfinishing J. Kritzler 2014132
Application of Vibropeening on Aero-Engine Components G. G. Feldmann, T. Haubold, C. C. Wong and W. Wei 2014133
Shot Peening Method for Aerofoil Treatment of Blisk Assemblies W. Hennig, G. Feldmann, Th. Haubold 2014134
An Experimental Investigation on the Effect of Shot Peening on the Tooth Profile, Helix Deviation and Noise Level of Spur Gears H.Mohassel, M.Zehsaz, H.Vafadar, S.E.Saei, H.Zare 2014135
Applicability of micro shot peening as surface modification for rolling sliding interface H. Usami, Y. Takizawa, K. Chou, Y. Yamada and M. Ando 2014136
An Experimental Investigation on the Effect of Post-Shot Peening on Tribological Behaviors of Mo-Thermal Spray Coating in Synchronizer Rings H.Mohassel, M. Zehsaz, H.Vafadar, S.E.Saei, H.Zare 2014137
Experimental investigation of the strain rate dependence of SS2506 gear steel E. Nordin, K. Ekström, B. Alfredsson 2014138
Innovative Fatigue Test Procedures and Equipment for Shot Peened Specimens and Components T.Bahn,J.Hug 2014139