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Papers presented at ICSP-13 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 2017
The articles below are archived in the shotpeener.com LIBRARY.
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Total articles: 107
TitleAuthorDoc No.
Assessment of Mechanical Property Gradients after Impact-Bases Surface Treatments using Nano-Compression Testing D. Tumbajoy-Spinela, c, X. Maederb, J. Michlerb, S. Descartesc, J.M. Bergheaud, V. Lacaillee, C. Langladef, G. Kermouchea* 2017032
Evaluation of Residual Stress Distribution of Shot-Peened Spring by Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy Yoshihiro Watanabe, Kanehisa Hattori, Naoya Uesugi, Yoshinori Kobayashi, Masato Yamawaki 2017033
The Effects of Shot Peening Highly Loaded Compression Springs Chris Swope, Dave Breuer, Mike Brauss 2017034
A New Method to Quantify the Heterogeneity of a Shot Stream – Coverage and Indent Distribution J. Badreddine, C. Ernould, E. Guenier, Q. Puydt, A. Hazotte 2017035
Influence of Artificial Corrosion Pits and Hydrogen on the Fatigue Properties of Suspension Spring Steel After Shot Peening Manabu Kubota, Daisuke Hirakami, Takahisa Suzuki and Kohsaku Ushioda 2017036
Fatigue Fracture Mechanism Of Zirconia Shot Peened Ti–6Al–4V Alloy Kiyotaka Masaki, Noriyuki Hisamori, Yuji Kobayashi, and Daisuke Gowa 2017037
Assessment of “As-Printed”, Machined & Post Processed Additive Layer Manufactured (ALM) Ti-6Al-4V for Aerospace Applications S. L. Jenkins, D. P. Davies, J. P. Fuhr, S. McArthur 2017038
Nanoscale Surface Modification of Biodegradable Materials by Severe Shot Peening Sara Bagherifard 2017039
High Temperature Oxidation Behaviour of Titanium After Shot-Peening A. Kanjer, V. Optasanu, L. Lavisse, M.C. Marco de Lucas, P. Berger, M. François, T. Montesin 2017040
Humid-Sensitivity of Fatigue Strength of Maraging Steel and Its Improvement by Shot Peening N. Kawagoishi, T. Nagano, Y. Kobayashi 2017041
High Density Ceramic Shot for Peening Application Julien Cabrero, Benjamin Levy, Renaud Hancy, Anne-Laure Beaudonnet 2017042
Identification of Tribological Mechanisms of Shot Peened Steel Surfaces for an Application in Sheet-Bulk Metal Forming Maria Löffler, Ulf Engel, Kolja Andreas, Marion Merklein 2017043
Residual Stress Measurement by ESPI Hole Drilling and XRD – A Comparison of the Methods Using Measurements on Shot-Peened Titanium Alloys T.J. Rickert and L. Suominen 2017044
Assessment and Validation of Cosα Method for Residual Stress Measurement Nate Peterson, Yuji Kobayashi, Bill Traeger, Paul Sanders 2017045
Assessment of Shot-Peening on Fatigue Life of Inconel 718 Turbine Disk Jean-Patrick Goulmy, V. Boyer, L. Toualbi, P. Kanoute, S. Kruch, D. Retraint, E. Rouhaud, A. Seror, Q. Puydt 2017046
Nanocrystallisation on the Surface of Superalloy in718 Component With a Commercial Shot Peening Process Yijun Liu, Ben Mcgrory, Colin Mcgrory 2017047
Influence of Silicon on Pitting Life of Carburized Steel Treated by Shot Peening Junya Miyauchi, Ryohei Ishikura, Keisuke Inoue, Kohei Yamaguchi 2017048
Shot Peening for Surface Topography Optimization to Avoid Micro Pitting C. Peyrac, D. Ghribi, F. Lefebvre, J. Samuel 2017049
Influence of Work-Induced Martensite Transformation by Shot Peening Content on Eddy Current Reaction Yoshiyasu Makino, Nobukazu Kondo, Hideaki Kaga 2017050
Evaluation of Peened Aluminum by Positron Annihilation and Residual Stress T. Arimoto, K. Oguri, Y. Watanabe, K. Hattori, N. Uesugi 2017051
Inducing High Residual Stress Through Shot Peening with High Hardness Conditioned Cut Wire Hayato Taniguchi, Daisuke Gowa 2017052
Influence of Humidity on a Shot Peened Aluminium Alloy Piece Daisuke Gowa, Yuji Kobayashi, Takanori Nagano 2017053
Influence of Shot Peening and Carbon Content for Low Cycle Fatigue Strength of Carburized Steel Toshiya Tsuji, Yuji Kobayashi 2017054
Management System of Shot Peening Process Shinji Tanaka, Masakatsu Ito, Takuya Koyama 2017055
Shot Peening Effect on Pieces Manufactured by 3D Printer Yuji Kobayashi, Kiyotaka Masaki 2017056
A Fatigue Approach to Design Shot-Peened Components Containing Surface Defect E. Pessard, B. Gerin, F. Morel, C. Verdu 2017057
Double Fine Particle Peening to Create Tribological Surface Enriched with Carbon-Black and Diamond Yutaka Kameyama, Keisuke Inaba, Hideaki Sato, Ryokichi Shimpo 2017058
Elastic and Plastic Strain Effects on Eddy Current Response of Carbon Steel Yuichi Motoyama, Yoshiyasu Makino, Nobukazu Kondo, Hideaki Kaga, Toshimitsu Okane 2017059
Improvement of Fatigue Strength of Partially Stabilised Zirconia by Shot Peening Koji Takahashi, Kae Iwanaka 2017060
Analysis of Shot Peening Blast by Particle Tracking and Digital Image Correlation Kubler R., Rotinat R., Badreddine J., Puydt Q. 2017061
Analysis of Residual Stress Relaxation Under Mechanical Cyclic Loading of Shot-Peened Trip780 Steel Until Fatigue Lifetime Clément Mauduit, Régis Kubler, Laurent Barrallier, Sophie Berveiller, Quentin Puydt, Martine Monin, Bastien Weber 2017062
Microstructure and Residual Stress in Shot Peened and Superfinished Gearwheel Teeth M. Bandini, M. D’Incau, P. Scardi 2017063
Mechanism of Shot Peening Enhancement for the Fatigue Performance of AA7050 Daniel J. Chadwick, Siavash Ghanbari, David F. Bahr, Michael D. Sangid 2017064
Evaluation of Spherical Conditioned Cut Wire in Comparison to Cast Steel Shot Peening Media Applied to Inconel 718 Gary Slavin, Daniel Child, Benjamin Moore, Wolfgang Hennig 2017065
The Role of Shot Peening in the Design of an Innovative Twin Engine Pack System (TEPS) for Helicopters A. Gilioli, D. Braconi, S. Bagherifard, H.Y. Miao, M. Bandini, F. Pozzi, R. Papetti, M. Guagliano 2017066
Thermal Relaxation of Residual Stress in a Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Aluminium Matrix Composite Kaiyuan Zhu, Chuanhai Jiang,Vincent Ji 2017067
Quantitative Assessment of Retained Austenite in SAF 2507 Dual Stainless Steel After Shot Peening Ming Chen, Chuanhai Jiang, Xiaohu Chen 2017068
Effect of Prestressed Shot Peening on Residual Stress and Microhardness of C63020 Chengxi Wang, Chuanhai Jiang, Henry Pan 2017069
Residual Stress Relaxation of Shot Peened Deformation Surface Layer on C63020 Alloy Under Applied Loading Chengxi Wang, Chuanhai Jiang, Xinbo Wang 2017070
Mechanical Surface Modification Using Cutting Inserts Segebade E., Klose J., Gerstenmeyer M., Zanger F., Schulze V. 2017071
Effect of Shot Peening on the Fatigue Life of AA 7050-T7451 Charles Bianchetti, Martin Lévesque, Myriam Brochu 2017072
Study of Short Crack Growth in Shot Peened 300M Steel Amrita Bag, Dorian Delbergue, Martin Lévesque, Philippe Bocher, Myriam Brochu 2017073
About the Importance of X-ray Elastic Constant Determination in the Precise Measurement of Residual Stress Profiles D. Delbergue, M. Lévesque, P.Bocher 2017074
Analytical Fatigue Life Prediction of Shot Peened Inconel 718 Thierry Klotz, Dorian Delbergue, Hong Yan Miao, Philippe Bocher, Martin Lévesque, Myriam Brochu 2017075
Non-Destructive Testing of the Residual Stress Profile After Shot Peening by Multifrequency-Eddy-Durrent Analysis Renaud Frappier, Yvan Bordiec 2017076
Evaluation of Fatigue Strength on Shot Peened Pure Titanium Phillip Milidantri, Ryota Mochizuki, Noriyuki Hisamori 2017077
Pre-IVD Etching Removal and Robotic Shot Peening Retrofit on Aircraft Aluminium Bulkheads P. Martin, Z. Hajjar 2017078
Influence of Shot Peening Process Variations on the Fatigue Life of Al-Cu-Li Alloys B. Graham, G. Weber, H. Diep 2017079
Mechanical Surface Treatment in the Gear Production Jürgen Hoffmeister, Jörg Hermes 2017080
Effect of Shot Peening Intensity on Rolling Contact Fatigue Life of High Carbon Chromium Steel Chung-Ki Sim, Sunghun Oh, Hong-Seok Kim, Ki-Hoon Shin, Seong-Kyun Cheong 2017081
Influence of Manufacturing Processes on the Selection of Stress Measurement Techniques M. Belassel, J. Pineault, M. Brauss 2017082
Effects of Shot Peening on Fatigue Crack Initiation and Propagation Performance of Aeronautical Materials Yukui Gao 2017083
Computer Assisted Coverage Simulation François-Xavier Abadie 2017084
SHOTVISUAL: A Software to Visualize Shot Dynamics E. Guyot, E. Rouhaud, M. Micoulaut, Y. Colaitis 2017085
Finite Element Shot Peening Simulation of Coated Cutting Inserts Lukáš Faksa, Werner Daves, Werner Ecker, Christoph Czettl 2017086
Predicting of Shot Velocity in Shot Peening Process Guechichi H. and Benkhattab M. 2017087
Simulation Model for Shot Peening Indent Topography on Case Carburized Gear Steel Erland Nordina, Bo Alfredsson 2017088
Residual Stress Field Prediction and Fatigue Post Processing for Shot Peened Mechanical Parts With Complex Geometry M. Gelineau, L. Barrallier, E. Rouhaud, R. Kubler, Q. Puydt, J. Badreddine, C. Mauduit, B. Weber 2017089
Shot Peening Analysis on Trip780 Steel Exhibiting Martensitic Transformation R. Guiheux, S. Berveiller, R. Kubler, D. Bouscaud, E. Patoor, Q. Puydt, P. Osmond, B. Weber 2017090
Molecular Dynamics Investigations for Surface Mechanical Attrition Treatment A. Rida, E. Rouhaud, M. Micoulaut, A. Makke, D. Retraint 2017091
A Finite Element Model for Simulation of Shot-Peening Vincent Boyer, Jean-Patrick Goulmy, Emmanuelle Rouhaud, Delphine Retraint, Louise Toualbi, Pascale Kanouté 2017092
Experiments and Simulations of Double Side Shot Peened Aluminum Siavash Ghanbari, Daniel J. Chadwick, Michael D. Sangid,b David F. Bahr 2017093
Validation of Open Source Computational Fluid Dynamics Software for Shot Peening Applications Wiwik Karlina, Ampara Aramcharoen, Ba Te, Kendrick Tan, Kang Chang-Wei 2017094
Velocity Characteristics of Shot Ball Corresponding to Impeller Blade Shape Based on Discrete Element Analysis Jong Ho Myung, Taehyung Kim, Chan Gi Jung, Seung Ho Lee 2017095
Shot Peening FEM Simulation: A Novel Approach Based on Crystal Plasticity A. Castro Moreno, F. Tu, M. Lévesque, P. Bocher 2017096
Shot Peening DEM-FEM Simulation Considering Shot Stream Expansion, Peening Intensity and Target Materials Hongyan Miao, Fubin Tu, Dorian Delbergue, Charles Bianchetti, Thierry Klotz, Amrita Bag and Martin Lévesque 2017097
FE Impact Model and Simulation of the Shot Peening Effect on Cylindrical Gear Topland and Profile Edge Rollover E. Garijo, F.B. Lobato, J.C. Sánchez 2017098
Shot Peening Process Modelling on Gas Turbine Applications Pierangelo Duó, Hendrik Andresen 2017099
Finite Element Simulation of Shot Peened Residual Stress Relaxation Under Low and High Cycle Fatigue Loadings Hongyan Miao, Thierry Klotz, Dorian Delbergue, Martin Lévesque 2017100
Investigation by Means of Artificial Neural Networks on the Influence of the Shot Peening Parameters on the Hardness of Seamless Tubes Manufactured in TX304HB Stainless Steel Diego Ferreño, Ruth González, Isidro A. Carrascal, Diego García, Rubén Eraña, Federico Gutiérrez-Solana 2017101
Improvement of Tensile Fatigue Strength of Duralumin Plate With a Hole by Cavitation Peening Using Opposed Cavitating Jets Hitoshi Soyama and Fumio Takeo 2017102
A Systematic Investigation of the Induced Residual Stresses by Deep Rolling in Dependence of the Prestress at Spring Steel Eckehard Mueller 2017103
A New Laser Peening Technique: Femtosecond Laser Peening Without a Sacrificial Overlay Under Atmospheric Conditions Tomokazu Sano 2017104
Introduction of Compressive Residual Stress Into Alloy Steel by Cavitation Peening Using Laser Cavitation Hitoshi Soyama 2017105
Influence of Laser Peening on the Water Droplet Erosion Behaviour of Gas Turbine Compressor Blade Material Abdullahi K. Gujba, Lloyd Hackel, Mamoun Medraj 2017106
Residual Compressive Stress Benefits on Core Aerospace Materials Using Ultrasonic Shot Peening McClurg K., Chateau F., Wagner L. 2017107
Investigation of the Surface Residual Stresses in Single and Multiple Trace Deep Rolling on Flat AISI 4140 Specimens Nataliya Lyubenova, Dirk Bähre 2017108
Influence of Conventional and Cryogenic Piezo Peening on Bending Fatigue Strength of Hardened Bearing Steel AISI 52100 Alexander Klumpp, Mehmet Ali Tamam, Florian Vollert, Stefan Dietrich, Volker Schulze 2017109
Surface Strengthening of AISI4140 by Cavitation Peening Alexander Klumpp, Franziska Lienert, Stefan Dietrich, Hitoshi Soyama, Volker Schulze 2017110
Fatigue Properties of Steels SAE 1045 and SAE 4140 upon Integrated Inductive Heat Treatment and Deep Rolling at Elevated Temperature Torben Oevermann, Stephanie Saalfeld, Thomas Niendorf, Berthold Scholtes 2017111
Effect of Young's Modulus of Shot Peening Media on Surface Modification Behavior by Micro Shot Peening Toshiyuki Sawada 2017112
Influence of Fine Particle Peening Treatment on Various Characteristics of Ti–Ni Shape Memory Alloys Koichiro Nambu, Noboru Egami 2017113
Influence of Incident Angle on Surface Integrities of 7075 Aluminum Alloy Covered With the Flexible Coating Material During Laser Shot Peening Qinxiang Xia, Junhao Zhang, Xiuquan Cheng, Xiao Xu 2017114
Experimental Research on Flexible Coating Used for Online Repairment of Damaged Aircraft Parts by Laser Shock Peening Xiuquan Cheng, Junhao Zhang, Jiang Wu, Qinxiang Xia 2017115
Combined Effects of Micro Shot Peening and Deep Rolling on the Fatigue Life of Thrust Ball Bearings Hatsuhiko USAMI, Shinya SATO, Misaki SAITO, Masafumi ANDO 2017116
Application of Residual Stress Using Polished Impact Media Tomohiro Minami, Hatsuhiko Usami, Keju Chou, Yoshikazu Yamada 2017117
Influence of Shot Peening and Carbon Content for Low Cycle Fatigue Strength of Carburized Steel Toshiya Tsuji, Yuji Kobayashi 2017118
X-ray Residual Stress Measuring in Actual Production Process Kan Aoki, Yuji Kobayashi 2017119
Effects of Needle Peening and Shot Peening for Stainless Steel Welded Joint on the Crack Size Rendered Harmless Ryutaro Fueki, Koji Takahashi, Mitsuru Handa 2017120
Hammer Peening Treatment: Fatigue Strength Improvement and Repair of Welded Structures C. Peyrac, F. Lefebvre, G. Elbel, C. Revilla-Gomez, K. Tabalaev, C. Verdu, J. Y. Buffière 2017121
Stress-Assisted Versus Strain-Induced Martensites Formed by Cryogenic Ultrasonic Shot Peening in Austenitic Stainless Steels M. Novelli,P. Maurel, L. Weiss, T. Grosdidier, P. Bocher 2017122
Effects of an Innovative Deep Rolling Process on the Subsurface Properties of Thinwalled Components Berend Denkena, Grove Thilo, Vannila Prasanthan, Bernd Eigenmann, Zied Heni, Goetz Feldmann, Jan Brinkhaus 2017123
Comparison Between Vibratory Peening and Shot Peening Processes Hongyan Miao, Leo Canals, Brian McGillivray, Martin Lévesque 2017124
Analysis of Vibratory Finishing Effect on the Fatigue Behavior of Shot Peened Notched 40NiCrMo7 Steel Notched Specimens I. Fernandez-Pariente a, S. Bagherifard b, M. Bandini c, M. Guagliano 2017125
Crack Shape Effects on the Fatigue Behaviour of HFMI Treated Welds Under Variable Amplitude Loading Conditions Rakesh Ranjan, Scott Walbridge 2017126
Ultrasonic Peening: Dynamics of Multi-Stricker Impact Tool M.Ganiev, I.Gafurov, I.Ganiev, I.Vagapov 2017127
Simulation of the Mechanical Pickling of Stainless Steel Coils H. Hmaidouch, C. Hamdan, B. Latouche, E. Guyot, E. Rouhaud 2017128
Numerical Simulation of Shot Dynamics and the Material Surface Condition of IN718 After Ultrasonic Shot Peening Jan Schubnell, Andreas Maciolek, Paul Lefevre, Majid Farajian 2017129
FEM Explicit Dynamic Simulation of Micro Shot Peening: a Stochastic Approach M. Marini, V. Fontanari, M. Bandini, M. Benedetti 2017130
On the Modelling of Impulsive Pressures and Residual Stresses Induced by Cavitation Peening Emmanuel Sonde, Thibaut Chaise, Daniel Nelias, Cyril Mauger, Nicolas Boisson 2017131
Experimental and Numerical Study of Needle Peening Effects on Aluminum Alloy 2024-T3 Sheets Hongyan Miao, Julio Méndez, Sylvain Forgues, Martin Lévesque 2017132
Numerical Simulation of Macro Impact Laser Peening and the Effect of Peening on Fatigue Life and Weld Residual Stresses Said Taheri, Emricka Julan, Eric Lorentz 2017133
Precision Laser Peen Forming of Challenging Shapes for Aerospace and Marine Applications Lloyd Hackel , Jon Rankin, Jack Rybak 2017134
Efficient Eigenstrain Model for Laser Peen Forming of Panels with Stiffening Rib Yongxiang Hu, Xiongchao Yu, Rongxue Yang, Zhenqiang Yao 2017135
Numerical Modelling of Deformation Prediction for Laser-Assisted Laser Peen Forming Mingsheng Luo, Yongxiang Hu 2017136
Finite Element Simulation of Peen Forming Process for Integral Panel with Dihedral Shape X. Huang, Y. S. Zeng 2017137
Shot Peen Forming on Aluminum Alloy Saddle Shape Integral Panels with Stiffeners Mingtao Wang, Yuansong Zeng, Xuepiao Bai, Xia Huang 2017138