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Papers presented at ICSP-7 in Warsaw, Poland, 1999
The articles below are archived in the shotpeener.com LIBRARY.
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Total articles: 61
TitleAuthorDoc No.
Optimisation of the Shot Peening Process in Terms of Fatigue Resistance Romero, Rios, Fam, Levers 1999006
Towards Peen Forming Process Optimisation D.S. Gardiner, M.J. Platts 1999007
Shot Peening - Past, Present and Future G Nachman 1999008
Papers on Shot Peening Published in the World for the Last Thirteen Years Katsuji Tosha 1999009
The Shot Peening and Something Additional Salko Djozic, B.Sc. 1999010
Transformations Induced in Austenitic Stainless Steels by Shot Peening D Kirk 1999011
Residual Stresses Induced by Peening Austenitic Ductile Cast-Iron D Kirk, D G Birch 1999012
Investigation on the Microstructure Changes of NiCrAIY Coating Due to Shot Peening Plastic Deformation and Aging Wang Renzhi, Ru Jilai 1999013
Effect of Shot Peening Parameters on the Surface Characteristics of Differently Heat Treated AISI 4140 A Wick, H Holzapfel, V Schulze, O Vohringer 1999014
The Temperature Change on Surface of Workpiece During Peening N. Hasegawa, K. Hattori, Y. Watanabe, K. Fukuyama 1999015
Influence of Abrasive Blast Cleaning and Vibrofinishing on Surface Properties of the Stainless Steel OH18N9 J. Andziak, M. Brzezinski 1999016
Roughness of Shot-Peened Surfaces - Definition and Measurement R Clausen, J Stangenberg 1999017
Near Surface Microstructures in Mechanically Surface Treated Materials and Their Consequences on Cyclic Deformation Behaviour I Altenberger, U Martin, B Scholtes, H Oettel 1999018
The Development of Residual Stresses at Bending Specimens Under the Influence of Setting and Stress Peening E Muller 1999019
The Residual Stress Distribution in Shot Peened Carburized Steel Under Fatigue Kisuke Iida, Yozo Hirose 1999020
Shot Peening and Stress Peening of AISI 4140 at Increased Temperatures A Wick, V Schulze, O Vohringer 1999021
An Effect of Peening on Fretting Fatigue Y Watanabe, N Hasegawa, H Endo, E Marui, Y Aoki 1999022
Effects of Shot Peening on Process of Carburization and Selected Strength Properties of Steel 18 HGT A Nakonieczny, T Zolciak, G Monka 1999023
Effects of Shot Peening and Roller-Burnishing on Fatigue Performance of Various Titanium Alloys A Drechsler, J Kiese, L Wagner 1999024
Influence of Shot Peening on Fatigue Performance of High-Strength Aluminum - and Magnesium Alloys Dorr, Hilpert, Beckmerhagen, Kiefer, Wagner 1999025
Behaviour of Shot Peened Electron Beam Welded S. S. Plate Samples Under Combined Reverse Torsional & Bending Cyclic Stress V S Nadkarni M C Sharma 1999026
Effects of Peening on Stress Corrosion Cracking in Carbon Steel D Kirk, P E Render 1999027
Role of Shot Peening on Life Extension of 12% Cr Turbine, Blading Martensitic Steel Subjected to SCC and Corrosion Fatigue G V Prabhugaunkar, M S Rawat, C R Prassad 1999028
Influence of Shot Peening on Corrosion Properties of Steam Turbine Blading Steel M S Rawat, T R Jayaraman, C R K Prasad, Y Kalpana 1999029
The Influence on Corrosion With Residual Stress and Transformation Induced in Shot-Peened Austenitic Stainless Steel Kisuke Iida, Masayoshi Ohshima 1999030
Effect of Shot Peening on Stress Corrosion Cracking on Austenitic Stainless Steel J Kritzler 1999031
Exfoliation Corrosion Located by Search Peening W Wubbenhorst 1999032
Numerical Simulation of Multiple Shot Impact S T S Al-Hassani 1999033
Calculated Determination of the Parameters of the Surface Layer Vyacheslav F Bezyazichny, Tatyana D Kozhina,C.T.S. 1999034
Shot Peen Impact on Life, Part 1: Designed Experiment Using Rene 88DT M Tufft 1999035
Shot Peen Impact on Life, Part 2: Single Particle Impact Tests Using Production Shot M Tufft 1999036
Shot Peen Impact on Life, Part 3: Development of a Fracture Mechanics/Threshold Behavior Predictive Model M Tufft 1999037
An Approach to Relate the Shot Peening Parameters to the Induced Residual Stresses M Guagliano, L Vergani, M Bandini, F Gili 1999038
The Deformation Affected Non Stationary Diffusion B Bozek, M Danielewski, K Holly 1999039
Factors Affecting Almen Strip Curvature Readings D Kirk, R Hollyoak 1999040
Tight Tolerance Peen Forming With On-Line Shape Control S Kittel, W Linnemann, F Wustefeld, R Kopp 1999041
A New Method of Measurement of the Velocity of Solid Particles and Their Mass For Air Blasting J Andziak 1999042
Instrument For Nondestructive Measurements of Stress Depth Profiles in Shot Peened Aluminum Alloys K J Kozaczek, P R Moran, D S Kurtz, R Martin 1999043
Control Effects By Shot Peening With Application of the Eddy Current Method Cz Dybiec, M Dybiec 1999044
Advances In Eddy Current Measurement of Residual Stress D Barac, W Katcher, J Soules 1999045
Boiling Heat Transfer From Shot Peened Aluminium Surface to Glycol Solution M C Sharma, Anupam Hara 1999046
Effect of Shot Peening on Fatigue Strength of Phosphor Bronze C5191 Katsuji Tosha, Yoshinori Ueno, Kisuke Iida 1999047
Shot Peening Influence on Tribological Characteristics of Surfaces D Adamovic, M Babic, B Jeremic 1999048
Combining Case Hardening and Shot Peening For Gear Steels: Influence on Residual Stress C Peyrac, JF Flavenot, F Convert 1999049
Peening Characteristics of Cemented Carbide Peening Shot & Life Improvement of Cold Forging Die T Ito, T Mizuno, T Takahashi, J Kurosaki 1999050
New Laser Technology Makes Lasershot sm Peening Commercially Affordable James J Daly, James R Harrison, Lloyd A Hackel 1999051
Effect of Laser Peening on Residual Stress and Stress Corrosion Cracking for Type 304 Stainless Steel M Obata, Y Sano, N Mukai, M Yoda, S Shima, M Kanno 1999052
The Application of Peening by Water in the Closed Vertical Vessel Salko Djozic, B. Sc. 1999053
The Shot Peening in the Closed Metallic Chamber Salko Djozic, B Sc 1999054
Manual Peening With the Rotary Flap Process P G Bailey 1999055
Gentle Shot Peening of Angular Surfaces Salko Djozic, B.Sc. 1999056
Gas Detonation Technology of Surface Hardening T Babul, A Nakonieczny 1999057
Activation of Surface in Gas Nitriding Process J Baranowska, K Szczecinski, M Wysiecki 1999058
Design and Development of Pneumatic Induction Type Ball Peening Nozzle M C Sharma, N Nath 1999059
Pneumodynamic Treatment of Machine Parts by Means of Special Tools A Minakov, V Tilipalov 1999060
Stressonic Shot Peening (Ultrasonic Process) Jm Duchazeaubeneix 1999061
Single Piece Wing Utilization Via Advanced Peen Forming Technologies S Ramati, S Kennerknecht, G Levasseur 1999062
Fretting Fatigue of Shafts Strengthened by Surface Plastic Deformation V Pokhmurskii 1999063
Stability of Residual Stresses in Shot Peened & High Pressure Water Peened Stainless Steels at Elevated Temperatures P Krull, Th Nitschke-Pagel, H Wohlfahrt 1999064
Calibration of Vibration Shot Peening Fatique Life and Limit Residual Stresses After Technological Process Salko Djozic, B.Sc. 1999069