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Papers presented at ICSP-8 in Munich, Germany in 2002
The articles below are archived in the shotpeener.com LIBRARY.
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Total articles: 69
TitleAuthorDoc No.
The Application of Mechanical Surface Treatment in the Passenger Car Industry Peter Hutmann, BMW Group, Munich, Germany 2002002
Life Enhancement of Aero Engine Components by Shot Peening: Opportunities and Risks Gerhard W. Konig, MTU Aero Engines, Munich, German 2002003
Study on Methodology to Increase Fatigue Limit of Gears Ando (1), Matsui (2) and Eto (2) 2002004
Searching for the Most Suitable Condition and the Suggestion of Each Application in Ultrasonic Shot Peening Hattori, Watanabe, Handa, Duchazeaubeneix 2002005
Consideration of Shot Peening Treatment Applied to a High Strength Aeronautical Steel with Different Hardnesses Torres(1), Nascimento(2), Voorwald(2) 2002006
Towards Peen Forming Process Automation Wustefeld, Linnemann, Kittel 2002007
Current Applications of Advanced Peen Forming Implementation Friese, Lohmar, Wustefeld 2002008
The Unsatisfactory Situation in Residual Stress Evaluation Rudolf G. Bosshard 2002009
Vacuum-Suction Peening: A Novel Method for Emission-Free Shot Peening Pieper and Ruhland 2002010
New Developments in Cut Wire Shot for Shot Peening Uwe Kersching, R+K Draht GmbH, Mittweida, Germany 2002011
Virtues & Limitations of Almen Round Sharma, Deo,Suresh,Bosshard 2002012
Device for the Determination of Impact Velocities in Shot Peening Clausen, Stangenberg 2002013
Effective Use of Fluorescent Tracers for Peening Coverage Peter Bailey, Electronics Inc., Cincinnati, OH, US 2002014
A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation into the Development of Coverage in Shot Peening Karuppanan, Romero, de los Rios, Rodopoulos, Lever 2002015
Almen Gage Calibration Champaigne 2002016
Performance of Almen Strips which are Straightened after Tempering Champaigne 2002017
Optimization of the Shot Peening Parameters Petit-Renaud 2002018
Shot Peening on Pelton Wheels: Methods of Control and Results Marconi, Lauro, Bozzolo 2002019
Effect of Shot Peening on Erosion and Fatigue in Combined Bending and Torsion of the Magnesium Alloy AZ80 Jain, Nadkarni, Sharma 2002020
Characteristics of Surface Layers Produced by Shot Peening Schulze 2002021
The Influence of the Velocity of a Peening Medium on the Almen Intensities and Residual Stress States of Shot Peened Specimen Zinn, Schulz, Kopp, Scholtes 2002022
Correlation between Mechanical and Geometrical Characteristics of Shot and Residual Stress Induced by Shot Peening Marconi, Citran, Gregorat 2002023
Influence of Pre-Annealing on Surface and Surface Layer Characteristics Produced by Shot Peening Tosha, Lu, Retraint, Guelorget, Iida 2002024
Endurance Life of Aging Aircraft Components Predicted by Conductivity Changes in Aluminium 2024 Jack A. Soules, Surface Stress Technology Inc., Cl 2002025
Shot Peening of Ceramics: Damage or Benefit? Frey, Pfeiffer 2002026
Influence of Retained Austenite, Strain-induced Martensite and Bending Stress upon Shot Peening-induced Residual Compressive Ando, Eto, Matsui 2002027
Lining of Metal Surface with Hard-Metal Foil using Shot Peening Harada, Mori, Maki 2002028
Relaxation of Shot Peening Residual Stresses in the 7050-T7451 Aluminium Alloy after Heat Cycles for Adhesive Bonding Roth, Wortman 2002029
Peen-Forming - A Developing Technique Peter O"Hara, Metal Improvement Co Inc, Newsbury, 2002030
Optimising the Double-Sided Simultaneous Shot Peen Forming Kopp, Schulz 2002031
Impact Metal Forming Helmut Reccius, IHR, Gummersbach, Germany 2002032
Mechanisms and Modelling of Cracking under Corrosion and Fretting Fatigue Conditions de los Rios 2002033
Influence of Shot Peening on Stress Corrosion Cracking in Stainless Steel Kritzler 2002034
Investigating the Benefits of Controlled Shot Peening on Corrosion Fatigue of Aluminium Alloy 2024 T351 Curtis, de los Rios, Rodopoulos, Romero, Levers 2002035
Influence of Shot Peening on the Fatigue and Corrosion Behavior of the Die Cast Magnesium Alloy AZ91 hp Muller, Rodriguez 2002036
Shot Peening and Fatigue Strength of Steels Lang, Schulze, Vohringer 2002037
The Effect of Shot Peening Coverage on Residual Stress, Cold Work and Fatigue in a Ni-Cr-Mo Low Alloy Steel Prevey, Cammett 2002038
Effect of Ultrasonic Shot Peening on Fatigue Strength of High Strength Steel Watanabe Hattori Handa Hasegawa Takaji Ikeda Ducha 2002039
Residual Stress Relaxation and Fatigue Strength of AISI 4140 under Torsional Loading after Conventional Shot Peening, Stress Menig, Schulze, Vohringer 2002040
Influence of Optimized Warm Peening on Residual Stress Stability and Fatigue Strength of AISI 4140 in Different Material Stat Menig, Schulze, Vohringer 2002041
Thermal Fatigue of Shot Peened or Hard Turned Hot-Work Steel AISI H11 KrauB, Scholtes 2002042
Effect of Short-Time Annealing on Fatigue Strength of Shot Peened AISI 4140 in a Quenched and Tempered Material State Menig, Schulze, Vohringer 2002043
Effect of Shot Peening on Improvement of Fatigue Strength for Metal Bellows Okada*, Tange*, Ando** 2002044
Property Improvement in Light Metals Using Shot Peening Gregory, Wagner 2002045
Fatigue Strength Improvement of Welded Aluminium Alloys by Different Post Weld Treatment Methods Nitschke-Pagel, Wohlfahrt 2002046
Influence of Mechanical Surface Treatments on Notched Fatigue Strength of Magnesium Alloys Kuster, Hilpert, Kiefer, Wagner 2002047
Shot Peening of Cast Magnesium Alloys Ludian, Hilpert, Kiefer, Wagner 2002048
Shot Peening to Enhance Fatigue Strength of TIMETAL LCB for Application as Suspension Springs Kiese, Zhang, Schauerte and Wagner 2002049
Effect of Test Temperature on Fatigue of Shot Peened Magnesium Alloys Wendt, Ketzmer and Wagner 2002050
Effect of Shot Peening on Fatigue Performance of Gamma Titanium Aluminides Lindemann, Roth-Fagaraseanu and Wagner 2002051
Mechanical Surface Treatments on the High-Strength Alpha-Titanium Alloy KS 120 Kiese, Zhang, Schauerte and Wagner 2002052
Effect of Overloads on Fatigue of Shot Peened 2024 Al Supik and Wagner 2002054
Alternative Mechanical Surface Treatments: Microstructures, Residual Stresses & Fatigue Behavior Igor Altenberger 2002055
Cavitation Shotless Peening for Improvement of Fatigue Strength Soyama, Odhiambo and Saito 2002056
Comparison of the Residual Stresses Induced by Shot (Stress) Peening and Rolling in Spring Steel Eckehard Muller 2002057
Influence of Shot Peening and Deep Rolling on High Temperature Fatigue of the Ni-Superalloy Udimet 720 LI Lindemann, Grossmann, Raczek and Wagner 2002059
Shot Peening and Roller-Burnishing to Improve Fatigue Resistance of the (a+B) Titanium Alloy Ti-6A1-4V Kocan, Ostertag and Wagner 2002060
Fatigue Performance of the Mechanically Surface Treated Steels 42CrMo4 and 54SiCr6: Shot Peening vs. Roller-Burnishing Wierzchowski, Ostertag and Wagner 2002061
Process Control Techniques for Laser Peening of Metals See Below 2002062
High Temperature Fatigue of Mechanically Surface Treated Materials Altenberger, Noster, Scholtes, Ritchie 2002063
Roller Pressing or Shot Peening of Fir-Tree Root of LPT Blades of 500 MW Steam Turbine Sharma 2002064
Comparison of Surface Characteristics and Thermal Residual Stress Relaxation of Laser Peened and Shto Peened AISI 4140 Menig, Schulze and Vohringer 2002065
Finite Element Simulation of Shot Peening - A Method to Evaluate the Influence of Peening Parameters on Surface Characteristi Schwarzer, Schulze, Vohringer 2002066
Shot Peening and Coverage Tange, Okada 2002067
Example of the Computer Simulation of Shot Peening Process Nakonieczny, Borkowski, Wymyslowski 2002068
Modeling of Fatigue Behavior due to Shot Peening Conditions M.K. Tufft, GE Aircraft Engines, Cincinnati 2002069
Finite Element Impact Modelling for Shot Peen Forming Wang, Platts, Levers 2002070
Theoretical Analysis of Beneficial and Detrimental Effects of Controlled Shot Peening in High Strength Aluminium Alloys See below 2002071
Finite Element Simulation of Shot Peen Forming Zang 2002072