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Papers presented at ICSP-9 in Paris, France in 2005
The articles below are archived in the shotpeener.com LIBRARY.
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Total articles: 69
TitleAuthorDoc No.
Fatigue Improvement of Welded Components by Shot Peening Henri-Paul Lieurade, Cetim, Senlis, France 2005046
Correlation of shot peening parameters to surface characteristic Olivier Higounenc, Metal Improvement Company 2005047
Evolution of Shot Peening on the CF-18 - From OEM to Robotic Sylvain Forgues, Major Jean Brosseau 2005048
Shot Peening of Gear Components for the Automotive Industry Albert Schlatter, Hans J 2005049
Ceramic Shot Enhancement of High Strength Steel Endurance Application to Springs and Gears F-X Abadie, L Barralier, S Fleury 2005050
Shot Peening of a Titanium Alloy for Medical Implant Applications with Zirconia Shot Schuh Holzwarth Zeiler Kachler G 2005051
On the Possibility of the Shot - Peening Process Application in the Production of New Vehicles Forms Roko Markovina 2005052
Thermal Performance of Solar Air Heater by Using Shot Peened Absorber Plate A Jain, JL Bhagoria, MC Sharma 2005053
Effect of Metal-Spraying and Shot Peening on Abrasive Wear of Carbon Steel MC Sharma, SC Modi 2005054
Finite Element Analysis of Shot Peening -On the Form of a Single Dent- N Hirai, K Tosha, E Rouhaud 2005055
A 3-D Numerical Study of Shot Peening Process Using Multiple Shot Impacts GH Majzoobi , R Azizi 2005056
Similarity Rules for the Shot Peening Process Based on Finite Element Simulations Klemenz Hochrainer Delonnoy Schulze V 2005057
A Numerical Simulation to Relate the Shot Peening Process Parameters to the Induced Residual Stresses T Hong, JY Ooi, J Favier, B Shaw 2005058
Finite Elements Model of Shot Peening, Effects of Constitutive Laws of the Material Rouhaud Ouakka Ould Chaboche Fran 2005059
Thermo-Elasto-Plastic Model for Shot Peening: A Numerical and Experimental Approach Rouquette Rouhaud Pron Fran 2005060
Heterogeneous Ultrasonic Shot Peening: Experiment and Simulation Micoulaut Retraint Viot Fran 2005061
Fundamentals of the Deep Rolling of Compressor Blades for Turbo Aircraft Engines S Mader, F Klocke 2005062
Calculated Determination of Optimum Peening Conditions In Terms of Collision Energy on Coil Spring by Shot Peening A Amano, T Sakakibara, M Wakita, Chuo Spring Co Lt 2005063
Proposing an Applied Information Based Solution in Studying Shot-Peening Process R Azizi, B Disfani 2005064
Deep Rolling - The Past, The Present and The Future I Altenberger 2005065
Optimization of Residual Stress and Fatigue Life in Laser Peened Componts MR Hill, TE Pistochini, AT DeWald 2005066
Generation of Nanostructures by SMAT Jian Lu, K. Lu 2005067
The Interest To Use Tungsten Carbide Balls With Stressonic Ultrasonic Shot-Peening Process: Application To Aero Engines Parts Jean-Michel Duchazeaubeneix, Sonats 2005068
Effect of Ultra Shot Peening on Contact Surface Strength Watanabe, Hattori, Handa, Yoshida, Taki, Duchazeau 2005069
Effect of Deep Rolling at Elevated and Low Temperatures on the Isothermal Fatigue Behavior of AISI 304 I Nikitin, I Altenberger, B Scholtes 2005070
Deburring and Surface Conditioning of Micro Milled Structures by Abrasive and Non-Abrasive Micro Peening C Horsch, V Schulze, D L 2005071
Shot Peening With Dry Ice E Uhlmann, M Krieg 2005072
Cavitation Peening By Using Cavitating Jet In Air H Soyama, K Homma 2005073
'Vacuum Blasting' An Innovative New Process For Metallic Coating Of Surfaces With A Shot / Powder Mixture Gerard Pieper, Sigurd Ruhland 2005074
Optimisation of Carburising and Shot Peening, In Order To Improve Both Bending and Contact Fatigue Behaviour For Gear Applica C Peyrac, J Flavenot 2005075
Fatigue Limits Prediction of Shot Peened Materials H. Guechichi*, L. Castex** 2005089
Fatigue Strength Prediction of a Shot Peened 42CRMO4 Steel Using Multiaxial Fatigue Criterion and Surface Roughness Correctio Palin-Luc, Flavenot, Lasserre, Charles, Leguernic 2005090
Residual Stress Sensitivity of Case-Hardened Notched Specimen Krug, Lang, L 2005091
The Effects of Shot Peening and Deep Rolling on the Surface Layer and the Mechanical Properties of Sintered Iron Merkel, Schulze, V 2005092
Comparison of Mechanical Suppression by Shot Peening and Low Plasticity Burnishing to Mitigate SCC and Corrosion Fatigue Fail Prevey, Jayaraman, Ontko, Shepard, Ware, Coate 2005093
Static and Dynamic Strain Ageing of Deep Rolled Plain Carbon Steel SAE 1045 for Optimized Fatigue Strength Altenberger, Nikitin, Scholtes 2005094
Fatigue Life Improvement Through Nanostructuring of Stainless Steel Roland, Retraint, K Lu, J Lu 2005095
Overview of Low Plasticity Burnishing for Mitigation of Fatigue Damage Mechanisms Prevey, Jayaraman, Cammett 2005096
Analysis of the Influence of Shot Peening on the Fatigue Life of a Hard Chromium Electroplated AISI 4340 Steel Underplate Torres, Baptista, Nascimento, Voorwald 2005097
Fatigue Strength of the Steel After the Percussive Burnishing Process D. Stadnicka 2005098
Fatigue Performance of Light-Weight Alloys: Influences of Shot Peening and Pre-Corrosion C. Mueller and L. Wagner 2005099
Coverage Effects in Shot Peening of AL 2024-T4 T. Ludian and L. Wagner 2005100
Effect of Deep Rolling on the Fatigue Behavior of Under-, Peak- and Over-Aged AA6110 at Room Temperature P. Juijerm, I. Altenberger, B. Scholtes 2005101
Mechanical Surface Treatments on the High-Strength Wrought Magnesium Alloy AZ80 Zhang, Lindemann, Kiefer and Leyens 2005102
Deep Rolling of Titanium Rods for Application in Total Hip Arthroplasty Eigenmann, Holzwarth, Kachler, G 2005103
Effects of Aging Treatment and Shot Peening Variables of HCF Performance of Timetal LCB Kocan, Rack, Wagner 2005104
Advances in Shot Peening of Silicon Nitride Ceramics W. Pfeiffer and T. Frey 2005105
Effect of Prior Cold Work on Fatigue Performance of Shot Peened TI-2.5CU H. Boeckels and L. Wagner 2005106
Effects of Shot Peening on the Corrosion Fatigue Life of Al 7075-T6 Cheong, Nam, Lee, Kim 2005107
Evolution of Shot Peening Experimental Techniques D. Kirk 2005108
History of Shot Peening Specifications J. Champaigne 2005109
Implementing On-Line Process Control for Shot Peening Haubold, Hennig, W 2005110
On-Line Process Control for Shot Peening Applications W 2005111
Relationship Between Coverage and Surface Residual Stress D. Kirk and R. C. Hollyoak 2005112
Influence of Shot Velocity and Shot Size On Almen Intensity and Residual Stress Depth Distributions W. Zinn and B. Scholtes 2005113
Particle Velocity Sensor for Improving Shot Peening Process Control Barker, Young, Pouliot 2005114
Factors That Influence Almen Strip Arc Height P. Bailey and J. Champaigne 2005115
Shot Peening and Grit Blasting - Effects on Surface Integrity- Tosha, Lu, Guelorget, Nagashima 2005116
Optimising Shot Peening Parameters Using DoE Lassithiotakis, Aylott, Shaw, Ooi, Petit-Renaud 2005117
Characterization of Shot Peened Components by X-Ray Diffraction: A Method On Its Way From the Laboratory Into Industrial Prod Wulf Pfeiffer 2005118
Stability of Surface Changes Induced By Mechanical Surface Treatments V. Schulze 2005119
The Effect of Shot Peening Coverage on Residual Stress, Cold Work and Fatigue in a Nickel-Base Superalloy J. Cammett, P. Prev 2005120
Evolution of the Residual Stresses by Stress Rolling Eckehard M 2005121
Eigenstrain Generated by Shot Peening in Udimet 720LI Inferred By Means of Finite Element and Analytical Models M. Satraki, A. Evans, A. King, G. Bruno, P. Wither 2005122
Effect of Shot-Peening on the Fatigue Strength of Spring Steel After Exposure to Corrosion A. Nakonieczny and G. Monka 2005123
The Effect of Incidence Angle on Residual Stress State In Laser Peened Ti-6Al-4V Plate Evans, King, Pirling, Bruno, Withers 2005124
Relation Between Microstructure of Shot-Peening Steel And Its Mechanical Characteristics Haga, Harada, Tsubakino 2005125
Laser Shock Processing As A Method For Surface Properties Modification Of Metallic Materials Oca 2005126
Characteristics of Internal Surface Layer of Machine Parts Using Rebound Shots Yasunori Harada 2005127